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Training Schedule

Day 0: Monday 8 August 2022 - Senior Men's Epee; Senior Women's Foil; Senior Women's Sabre

Day 1:
 Tuesday 9 August 2022 - Senior Women's Epee; Senior Men's Foil; Senior Men's Sabre; Parafencing Men's Epee Cat A

Day 2
: Wednesday 10 August 2022 - Parafencing Men's Epee Cat B; Parafencing Women's Foil; Senior Men's Epee Teams; Senior Women's Foil Teams; Senior Women's Sabre Teams

Day 3
: Thursday 11 August 2022 - Para-fencing teams; Senior Men's Foil Teams; Senior Men's Sabre Teams; Senior Women's Epee Teams

Day 4: Friday 12 August 2022 - Junior Men's Epee; Junior Women's Foil; Junior Women's Sabre

Day 5
: Saturday 13 August 2022 - Junior Women's Epee; Junior Men's Foil; Junior Men's Sabre

Day 6: Sunday 14 August 2022 - Veteran Men's Epee; Veteran Women's Sabre; Junior Men's Epee Team; Junior Women's Foil Team; Junior Women's Sabre Team

Day 7: Monday 15 August 2022 - Veteran Men's Foil; Veteran Women's Epee; Junior Men's Foil; Junior Men's Sabre; Junior Women's Epee

Day 8:
 Tuesday 16 August 2022 - Cadet Men's Epee; Cadet Women's Foil; Cadet Women's Sabre; Veteran Men's Sabre; Veteran Women's Foil

Day 9
: Wednesday 17 August 2022 - Cadet Women's Epee; Cadet Men's Foil; Cadet Men's Sabre; Veteran Men's Epee Teams; Veteran Women's Sabre Teams

Day 10
: Thursday 18 August 2022 - Cadet Men's Epee Teams; Cadet Women's Foil Teams; Cadet Women's Sabre Teams; Veteran Men's Foil Teams; Veteran Women's Epee Teams

Day 11
: Friday 19 August 2022 - Cadet Men's Foil Teams; Cadet Men's Sabre Teams; Cadet Women's Epee Teams; Veteran Men's Sabre Teams; Veteran Women's Foil Teams


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