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  • Am I eligible to enter CFC2022?
    There are three requirements to compete in CFC2022: You must have a passport from a CFF-affiliated nation. You must have a valid FIE licence or IWAS Fencing licence as appropriate - you must be at least 13 before applying for an FIE licence or an IWAS Fencing licence. Your age must fit within the band for the appropriate event: i. Cadet fencers must be aged 16 or under on 1 January 2022. ii. Junior fencers must be aged 19 or under on 1 January 2022. iii. Senior fencers have no age restriction. iv. Para-fencers have no age restriction. iv. Veteran fencers must be 40 or over by 31 December 2022. Entries must be made through your national federation and communicated to the CFC22 team by the nation's nominated representative. An entry form template will be provided to each national federation. For Home Country fencers, please contact the appropriate Home Country Association for its representation requirements.
  • What is the entry limit for CFC2022?
    For Cadet, Junior, and Senior events: each nation may enter up to five (5) fencers in each individual event. In the Para-fencing and Veteran events: there is no restriction on entry numbers to the individual events. In team events for all categories: each nation may designate three (3) or four (4) fencers as members of the team for the team event. At least two (2) fencers in the team must have competed in the individual event. In the veteran category only: there will be a team challenge open to all veteran fencers not competing in the team championships. Scratch teams, i.e., teams comprising individuals from more than one country will be accepted.
  • What will the format of the competition be?
    In all individual events, there will be one round of poules with all fencers promoted to a direct elimination. Bronze medals will be awarded to both losing semi-finalists. In the veteran category only, the highest placed fencer in each of the four age categories (40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+) will be awarded an age-category gold medal. In all team events, if there are six (6) or more teams entered, there will be a tableau of direct elimination. There will not be matches to fence off for placings. The tableau will be seeded according to the results of the corresponding individual event. Bronze medals will be awarded to both losing semi-finalists. If there are four (4) or five (5) teams entered, there will be a play-off for third place, only the winner of the play-off will receive bronze medals. If there are three (3) teams entered, there will be a poule unique consisting of the three teams, with no direct elimination. Medals will be awarded according to the results of the poules.
  • Can I compete in multiple events?
    You may compete in multiple events provided that they are scheduled for different days. Each fencer may only compete in one (1) event per day of the championships.
  • Will there be secondary/ancillary team events?
    In the veteran event, yes, a team challenge will be run. It will be necessary to register your ancillary team by 15:00 the day before the competition. You will be able to register your team at the welcome desk.
  • Will I require an FIE/IWAS fencing licence to compete?
    Yes, CFC2022 is an FIE- and IWAS Fencing-sanctioned championships. Therefore you will need an FIE licence or an IWAS Fencing licence (as appropriate) in order to compete.
  • What standard of kit will I need to compete?
    Your equipment must comply with FIE rules. In particular you must have an 800N plastron, and 800N glove (in sabre) and FIE/CEN-marked clothing. Weapons, wires, masks, gloves, and conductive jackets (lames) will all be subject to a weapons control the day before competing. Please note: at foil and sabre, only 2-pin bodywires will be allowed, and clear plugs on the wires will be required. Additionally, any rules coming into force in the 2022-2023 season will not be applied at CFC22.
  • Will armoury services be available at the competition?
    Our competition staff will be primarily focussed on maintaining the field of play, operating the call room, and processing weapons control. This means that our competition staff will not be able to provide repairs unless all of their other duties have been concluded. There will be an equipment stall at the competition for buying new kit. They are, however, an independent enterprise to the competition staff.
  • Will I need a national uniform?
    Fencers must wear their name and 3-letter country code. Please note for UK fencers, this is not GBR - it must be ENG, SCO, NIR, WAL, IOM, JER, GUE, or GIB. In the Senior, Junior, and Cadet events, the authorised national colours/stripes/patch/logo must be worn on both legs, and is optional on the arms. For UK fencers, this must not be the GBR patch. In the Veteran and Parafencing events, the authorised national colours/stripes/patches/logos are optional. Fencers may wear the national colours of an "incorrect" nation, e.g., the GBR colours. Additionally, it is not required for all fencers in a team to wear matching uniforms/kit.
  • Can I park at the venue?
    We have been able to secure free parking on the weekends only. On weekdays, parking is administered by the University of East London. This parking may be limited and is likely to incur a charge. We strongly recommend coming to the venue by public transport. The venue is easily accessible from both Galleon's Reach and Cyprus DLR stations.
  • What if I'm running late for my weapons control slot?
    Send us a text with your eta! We probably won't reply because of the general mayhem involved, but we will make sure there's a slot there for you when you arrive!
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